Lejoe has a knack for getting it right very quickly. I could have spent umpteen hours tweaking patterns and velocities on MIDI drums, but my song would not have turned out as good. It’s just so much easier to have Lejoe play it down solid. Kevin Veatch / Independent producer / Seattle, WA

Individual Real Drum Tracks

$50 / song

Sent in Wav or Aiff…

  • Separation of each drum
  • Room mic track for ambience
  • Stereo mix also included

First revision included. After that revisions are $15

Midi Data

$35 / song

Works with most drum platforms

  • Midi files played in real time
  • Customized Midi notes for your setup
  • General midi, Addictive Drums, EZ Drummer, Superior Drums

I will work with you to make sure the midi data works for your configuration.

Real Drums Jam Tracks

$25 / song

Drum tracks to the song of your choice…

  • Stereo mix sent in mp3 format
  • Vocal count if needed
  • Perfect for practice or performance
  • Ideal solution for a band with no drummer

No revisions included on this service. These tracks will be recorded as close as possible to the original.

Real Drums Stereo Mix

$35 / song

Sent in Wav or Aiff…

  • One mix with room mic
  • One mix without room mic

First revision included. After that revisions are $15.

Need something you don’t see?

Feel free to contact me. Maybe you need a simple percussion track such as tambourine or shaker. You may have a drum tracks but you would like to replace the snare with something more or less processed

I am set up to to handle just about any drum need situation. If I get something I am not set up for, I can adjust and make it work for you. Your satisfaction is my goal.
Let’s work together to create or complete your next project.

“Enjoying success requires the ability to adapt.”
-Nolan Ryan